Takeout box die cutter machine stamping press Thailand

Takeout box die cutter machine stamping press Thailand is the die cutting machinery that you are for cutting or punching the material for your production.These machines are used in most material :plastic,leather,cloth,rubber,cork,EPE foam ,EVA foam ,PS,wood cork,alu film,composite etc.,custom built welcome to contact us .

Takeout box die cutter machine stamping press Thailand

The Safety device (opening safe net for emergency sbest motion) make certains the operator safeguard.

The machinery supply the cutting-out mode including misalignment, misalignment and knife offset, and can be using take materials and save 10%-15% of materials.

It is also for cutting-out Optical film, Plastic film, e.g.: ITO, Diffutilizer, Reflects film, Brightness Enhancement Film (BEF), Soft PCB, Composite raw material. The raw material are not cracked while cutting.

The position of the rocking arm is adjusted by the operating handwheel at the upper end of the machinery, and the stamping stroke is adjusted by the time timer, so that the optimal cutting position could be easily obtained.

Special with oil-way system outlay, with water cooler, dissipate heat more sufficiently, effectively keep

Pressure and stroke parameter adjustment is controlled by the touch screen.

If you want to know more information or further question related our products ,welcome to contact us at any time.

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