steel rule die cutting machine punching equipment sale in Denmark

steel rule die cutting machine punching equipment sale in Denmark is using our top tech and rich experience manufactured punching equipment which Gerson have more than 30 years rich experience in cutting and fully making machinery .Any machinery or question ,please contact us immediately.

steel rule die cutting machine punching equipment sale in Denmark

Then take the un-punched raw material in feeding material conveyor system, clip it under the air clamp, material will be feed in diecut work area.

Suitable for diecut materials of multiple many layerss and heavy-duty stamping with complete specification and varieties.

Anyway, what Gerson does is to meet the cutting demands and help to improve the punching manufacturing like leather tops cutting, car interior stamping, blister cutting, foam cutting-out, soft toys production plants, buffing industry and so on.

The series products of Gerson brand has been successively appraised as Creditable Quality Product in Jiangsu Province and Famous Product in China Gerson, and the company build been successively honored such titles as Chairman Unit of the Council of China Light Industry Machinery Association,Member Unit of China Leather Industry Association, Member Unit of Standing Committee of Professional Commission of Leather and Footwear Machinery of China Leather Industry Association,jiangsu Province Private Science and Technology Enterprise, China Gerson High-tech Enterprise, Member Enterprise of China Gerson Chamber of Commerce of Shoe Machinery and Contract Honohexagon and Credit Keeping Enterprise etc. In addition, the company offer been granted the right of independently managing import and export.

Remark: We can adapt the machine according to workerr specifically order, including the color, the motor information, the working table etc.

If you want to know more information or further question related our products ,welcome to contact us at any time.

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