Slipper chappal making machine die cutting machine press hydraulic sale in Iceland

Slipper chappal making machine die cutting machine press hydraulic sale in Iceland is the special cutting or punching making machinery design and manufactured by our Gerson team.These machines for making the material such as sponge,leather,cloth,plastic,foam,composite etc.,

Slipper chappal making machine die cutting machine press hydraulic sale in Iceland

III. The steel transmission punching machinery: The main basis for judging the function of the metal cutting-out machine is: the cutting pressure and the diecut speed. The die-cutting force is very large, but the punching speed is very low, or the cutting speed is very good, but the machine with small cutting pressure cannot successfully complete the cutting-out task. For mechanically driven punching equipments, the die-cutting speed is generally good, about 250 times/min; the die-cutting speed is variable, and the average stamping speed is: 200 mm/sec. The punching speed of the steel cutting machinery is generally: greater than 75 mm / sec. The difference between the mechanically driven diecut equipment and the metalally driven diecut machine is mainly determined by the different characteristics of the two transmissions: the mechanical transmission is a rigid transmission, and the hydraulic transmission does have a certain flexibility. The characteristic of the steel cutting-out machine is that when the diecut head acts on the workpiece through the die mold, the power in the working cylinder does not reach the rated power, and the pressure will increase as the time of contact (diecut into the workpiece) increases, until The electromagnetic reversing valve receives the signal, the reversing valve reversing, and the cutting head starts to reset; at this time, the force in the cylinder may not reach the set rated force value due to the limitation of the time of the pressure oil entediamond the cylinder; that is Say, the system pressure has not reached the design value, and the die die-cutting has been completed.

First turn the die-cutting machine depth contjumboer (fine adjustment knob) to zero.

Use PLC comrepositioner touch screen to control procedures, servo motor driver conveying system, insure feeding mechanism accurate range, with stable running speed.

With special setting mechanism, and equipped with die knife mold cutter and stamping depth setting, the travel adjustment is simple and accurate.

Reasons For Safety Problems Of Cutting Machine

the vertical column uses the manual to handlebe quite easy, flexible and worry-saving.

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