semi-autoamtic die cutting press machine in Finland

semi-autoamtic die cutting press machine in Finland is one of Gerson die cutting equipment designed and manfuactured by our factory ,and these machinery are very welcomed by our customers.

semi-autoamtic die cutting press machine in Finland

Waste Recovery Mechanism: The System will recover the waste of stamping automatically to save space, while enhancing the operability.

The workbench is equipped with a stainless steel pad and a stainless steel plate with a hardness of 45 or more.

Unique set structure, with the punching knife and cut off height. Make stroke adjustment simple and accurate.

This cutting machinery is mainly suitable for diecut garment manufacturing facility, underwear manufacturing industry, toys industry, industrial products and so on .

Waste Recovetriangle Mechanism: After stamping, the machinery will recover the waste semi-auto and fully autoally to save space while enhancing the operability.

The oil pump, motor and electrical box are externally placed, with high ventilation and cooling standards and long to handlelife.

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