rubber sole die cutting machine hydraulic press sale in Philippines

rubber sole die cutting machine hydraulic press sale in Philippines is one of Gerson die cutter equipment for cutting and punching out the material from soft to rigid depending on what is your material and production requirement,we could recommend the right model of machinery for your production.

rubber sole die cutting machine hydraulic press sale in Philippines

Automatic Hydraulic Swing Arm Die Cutting Machine

It offer an semi and full autoamtic oil supply lubrication system to reduce wear and prolong servicelife.

Operation with double manuals applys ideal safety.

Appling four-post type dual cylinder structure, which reaches the best tonnage to cut, and saves the energy.

When diecut a metal, the four-column diecut machinery cuts the chips on the one hand and the tool itself on the other. The forms of tool damage are mainly wear and tear. The former is continuous progressive wear; the latter includes brittle fractures (including chipping, chipping, spalling, crack damage, etc.) and plastic damage. After the tool wears, the machining accuracy of the workpiece is reduced, the surface roughness is increased, and the stamping power is increased, the punching temperature is increased, and even vibration is generated, and normal stamping couldnot be continued. Therefore, tool wear directly affects machining efficiency, condition and cost. There are several forms of tool wear:

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