rubber gaskets die cutting machine press sale in China

rubber gaskets die cutting machine press sale in China is the most top quality cutting machine which can die cut most material and have used in many industry for our customers. And we believe that we can help you to build the right machinery for your prouction.

rubber gaskets die cutting machine press sale in China

Imported hydraulic system is used to support electric appliances from Taiwan and Japan, which saves electricity, uses less sound, very easy operation, and gives full play to work efficiency.

 All movable connecting parts are equipped with the central oil manufacture semi and full autoamtic lubricating device, which reduces the abrasion to the minimum extent.

 Automatic Belt Hydraulic Cutting Machine

1Machine adopts surcircle structure,which can improve the stamping precision and efficiency.

set the die tool height, try stamping.

We can custom build to suit your production requirements.Gerson welcome your request for a machine specific to your production.Please cotact us immediately.

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