rubber gaskets die cutting machine manufacturer sale in China

rubber gaskets die cutting machine manufacturer sale in China is the most seller cutting equipments that sold by Gerson brand ,These machienry are using for cutting or forming and other using if you need it.We could build any cutting machines for you.

rubber gaskets die cutting machine manufacturer sale in China

Beam Presses may be used for high or low volume cutting production for punching both rollingand sheet flat mateials – single or multi one layer or several layersed. Beam Presses can has manual or semi and full autoamtic to manipulatedependant on feed system.

Hydraulic system: twin oil cylinder work at the same time, and equipped with the storage energy storage device and the oil filter device.

The central automatic lubricating system guarantees machinery precision and prolongs service life of the machine.

The die knife cutter is fastened by L clamp device so as to replace the die cutter conveniently.

The central semi-automatic and fully automatic lubricating system is provided to make sure machine precision and prolong servicelife of the equipment.

Imported cutting-out steel plate, long servicelife.

If you are interested in any machinery ,please contact us immediately.we could give our recommend machinery to meet your requirement.

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