pvc tile die cutting machine punching equipment sale in Sri Lanka

pvc tile die cutting machine punching equipment sale in Sri Lanka is the stamping and punching machinery manfuactured by Gerson.These machinery can be for many inustry and material incluidng soft ,semi-harden ,even harden material including rubber ,plastic,cork wood,cardboard,textile,film,felt,leather etc.,

pvc title die cutting machine punching equipment sale in Sri Lanka

Pressure and stroke parameter adjustment is contjumboed by the touch screen.

A sliding table (or tray) carries the polypropylene cutting board on to which the material is placed or fed.

When the stamping head is pressed down, it will semi and full autoamtically slow down before contacting the stamping knife 10mm, in order that when cutting the multi-single or several layers semi-finished material, there is no dimensional error between the upper single layer and multilayers and the lower many layers.

Use flywheel energy storage to achieve good pressure blanking, save energy consumption;

Nearly all of our machinerys are based on customers requirement to customizeder specific needs. We could build any die knife punching mahcinery for operatorr manufactudiamond.

Receipt method: After the single-rollmaterial is cut, the semi and full autoamtic gantry-type robot is using take out the product, and the transport-type discharge rack is separately equipped. The robot could be set to take the N-time product and semi-automatic and fully automatically deliver the finished product.

If you are intersted in our machinery ,please send us emial or contact us online ,we will reply you immediately.

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