PVC foam die cutting machine punching equipment

PVC foam die cutting machine punching equipment is manufactured by our Gerson team which have 30 years experience.we also could custom built and manufactured machinery for your production,please contact us at any time.

PVC foam die cutting machine punching equipment

choose the original German imported seals, durable;

Bonding and sealing gaskets – camera, window LCD, ear piece, pressure button, etc.

The machine is installed with central oil produce lubrication and collecting, reflowing and filtepentagon system, which can fully lubricate the main shaft and prolong the service life of machine.

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High Speed Hydraulic Cutting Machine with Alignment Feeding System, is designed to do high speed kiss cutting or through cutting-out parts from jumbotype soft raw material or sheet flat mateial, cutting pressure from 12 to 70 tons. Also, we design the most suitable feeding mechanism system based on raw material properties.

There have many machinery for your requiement,also Gerson can design and manfuactured the custom machinery based on your reques,welcome to contact us at any time.

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