price vinyl roll die-cutting press machine

price vinyl roll die-cutting press machine is the most top quality cutting machine which can die cut most material and have used in many industry for our customers. And we believe that we can help you to build the right machinery for your prouction.

price vinyl roll die-cutting press machine

Patented Auto Pressure Commrelocateing Techology voids distacnce factor, diecut class is no longer affected by cutting board’s leveling.

Labor-saving operation, simple, low failure rate, strong cutting capacity, ideal die-cutting speed .

With special setting mechanism,and in conjunction with die tool knife cutter and punching depth setting,the travel adjustment is simple and accurate.

The lazy loop allows operatorr semi-finished material to be fed into the press in a relaxed state for maximum cutting accuracy.

The oil way system specially designed can conveniently adjust the rocker height. No adjustment is needed after the height of die mold cutter is changed.

It is mainly suitable for punching one multi-layers or single or multiple layerss of leather, rubber, plastic, paper-board, fabric, chemical fibre, non-woven and other nonhydraulic rolled semi-finished materials by die tool cutter.

Please contact Gerson at any time ,we will response very quickly.Any question ,welcome to ask us .

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