plastic packaging box die cutting machine equipment sale in China

plastic packaging box die cutting machine equipment sale in China is the die cutting machinery that you are for cutting or punching the material for your production.These machines are used in most material :plastic,leather,cloth,rubber,cork,EPE foam ,EVA foam ,PS,wood cork,alu film,composite etc.,custom built welcome to contact us .

plastic packaging box die cutting machine equipment sale in China

The machine is equipped with the assurance protective cover, which utilizes the to operatesafer.

Gerson company is anAmerican swing beam cutting pressfactory and distributor that supplies good standing, which meets international populars. We has a wide variety of selection of to USA EU manufacturound companies, with different tonnages and and the upper plate to be custom built on request.s you can choose from.

The waste uses infrared tracking automatic winding me

It adopts human-machinery interface and Mitsubishi PLC programmable logic control. The bilateral motor semi-auto and fully auto feeding material is provided with the function of fault information display so as to facilitate the maintenance of the machinery. Unilateral motor semi-automatic and fully automatic feeding material enhances working efficiency by 80%.

The machinery could shoot the contour of the object to be cut and automatically cut the edge.

The main metal components and electrical parts are imported component, and the oil pump is an internal gear pump with low noise and very long usagelife;

Do you have any question ? If yes ,please contact us immeciately ,we can make sure give you a good rely after you send us the email or inqury.

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