paper roll die cutting press machine in Jordan

paper roll die cutting press machine in Jordan is the special cutting or punching making machinery design and manufactured by our Gerson team.These machines for making the material such as sponge,leather,cloth,plastic,foam,composite etc.,

paper roll die cutting press machine in Jordan

This die cutting equipment is mainly suitable for cutting thermoforming plastic products, luggage and baggage, pearl cotton, sponge, rubber plastic products, auto chairs, super thick material , super good die tool knife cutters and so on .

This machinery has the cutting mode including misalignment, misalignment and knife die-cutting, and blank punching. It can take materials and save 10%-15% of materials.

The electrical control component takes the emcutting bedded comrelocateer as the core, and the LCD displays the human-machinery interface.

With smallmum deflection in the diecut arm these presses are designed for accuracy and high output.

Double cylinder and precision two crank linkage balance structure guarantee the same cutting-out depth for each punching position.

If you are interested in any machinery ,please contact us immediately.we could give our recommend machinery to meet your requirement.

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