packing sponge foam die cutting machine sale price

packing sponge foam die cutting machine sale price is one of Gerson die cutter equipment for cutting and punching out the material from soft to rigid depending on what is your material and production requirement,we could recommend the right model of machinery for your production.

packing sponge foam die cutting machine sale price

The machine size or special requirements can be customized.

PLC comrelocateer touch-panel screen control system – clear & easy in operation.

Fully semi and full autoamtic manufacturing cycle eliminates manual operationmistakes and reduces manpressure costs.

Whats warranty of hydraulic punching equipment?12 months Warranty,Life-long maintenance service for die knife stamping machinery

The central oil build automatic lubricating system make sures the service life and precision of the equipment.

●Cutting pressure can be custom building from 30T to 600T.

Do you have any question ,please contact us by email or the inquiry form.we could reply you as soon as possible,normal is very quickly

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