Neoprene sponge die cutting machine press hydraulic sale in China

Neoprene sponge die cutting machine press hydraulic sale in China is one of Gerson die cutting equipment designed and manfuactured by our factory ,and these machinery are very welcomed by our customers.

Neoprene sponge die cutting machine press hydraulic sale in China

During the diecut to handle, the photoelectric tube control is adopted with the most safe to manipulate.

The working principle of the semi-automatic and fully automatic 4 column diecut machine is down press to the mould, and it to cut semi-finished material by dies / molds.Applicable to all non-metallic materials, irregular shape of the cutting-out.

Tool wear increases as the punching time increases. According to the stamping experiment, the standard wear curve of the normal wear process of the illustrated tool can be obtained. The figure takes the punching time and the flank wear amount VB (or the rake face crater wear depth KT) as the abscissa and the ordinate, respectively. The tool wear process can be divided into three pmanufacturees:

Hydraulic valve is straight way valve, enhancing cutting-out precision.

As everyone knows, Chinas cutting work itself is relatively late, and there are still some industrial legacy questions. Following the acceleration of the transition to promotion, all kinds of questions could not be prevented from appeadiamond. This is obviously a sideal for the work of the transition period.

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