Instant noodle bowl die cutting machine sale price India

Instant noodle bowl die cutting machine sale price India is the stardard machinery made and designed by our rich experience team focusing on this filed many years .And can be for cutting out many material including sheets and roll and products to meet your requirement.

Instant noodle bowl die cutting machine sale price India

The machines balance is accurate, could effectively reduce the loss of the die tool and stamping board; the frequency conversion buffer system adapts the alignment accuracy of 0.2mm.

It can suppot single-side or twin-side semi and full autoamtic feed attachment and raise the working efficient of the whole equipment by two or three time.

Double cylinder, precision four-column and double-link semi-auto and fully auto balancing mechanism guarantees the same stamping depth for each die knife stamping position.

Auto controls the feeding mechanism, unloading and semi and full autoamtic shutdown, and the positioning accuracy reaches 0.5mm.

●Accurate calculate and movement control technology, best diecut accuracy;

The machinery is equipped with safety device to guarantee the security of the worker and the machine. (with CE optional)

No matter what question you have ,we will reply you with detailed information once you have send us email or contact us directly.

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