four column beam press die cutting machine press sale in Denmark

four column beam press die cutting machine press sale in Denmark is popular Gerson cutting equipment for die-cutting or stamping most soft, semi-rigid material and rigid material for industry application which lots of our customers buy from us,we have many machinery for your choice.

four column beam press die cutting machine press sale in Denmark

The conveying parts adopts PLC control. The semi-finished materials are driven by the servo motor and inrelocate from one side of machinery, and after die tool stamping, outrelocate from the other side, which can make sure accurate feeding and stable to handle. The feeding length could be adjusted conveniently through touch screen.

Mobile head effective working area (based on customers requirementizable)

The machime is equipped with cylinder clamping device,the servo motor controls feeding device.It equipped with CAD semi-automatic and fully automatic composing system. According to the existing knife mould and the specification of the materials,it can compose semi-auto and fully autoally, quickly, economically.

‚óŹDouble oil cylinders, precision four columns auto-balancing structure, make certain the uniform cutting depth in the punching area;

Material inrelocate and outrelocate are both on the conveyor belt , and semi-finished material of the die mold diecut blanking is done semi and full autoamtically on the conveyor belt.

The semi-auto and fully auto balancing mechanism of twin oil cylinder and precise four-column double connection rod make sures that the stamping depth precision at each die-cutting position is 0.02mm.

If you have any further ifnormation or question ,please feel free to send us inquiry or contact us.

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