foam insert die cutting machine punching equipment sale in Ireland

foam insert die cutting machine punching equipment sale in Ireland is the machinery that developed by Gerson and we could custom built the cutting machine or other fully making machinery for your production .We cacould custom built any die cutter machinery to give your excellent solution for production requirement.

foam insert die cutting machine punching equipment sale in Ireland

●The upper cutting-out board/head could move forward and backward, the distance can be slightly adjusted. Its effortless to relocate the material;

This machine is suitable for uppers, insoles, suit collars, leather bests, bags, car interiors, blankets, hats, wood, clothing, bags, toys, stationery, stationery, elastic sponges, polyurethane processing, two-sided Glue, cardboard, nylon, pearl cotton, PVC board, PE board, PP board, paper tube, cork, plastic, corrugated board, synthetic material, filter, foam, rubber, plastic, yoga mat, artificial flower , stamping and cutting of all non-hydrauliclic materials industries including non-woven fabrics.

The electrical control components takes the emoperating bedded comrepositioner as the core, and the LCD displays the human-machinery interface.

the equipment has a variety of work solvings including jog, hand, semi and full autoamtic, etc., peoples only need to collect the finished raw materials, reduce the labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

External fuel tank,cooling device,hear fully,punching power stability,make the machien more durable.

This Gerson punching equipment could be using perform full-cut & half-cut top-precision cutting tasks for any materials (excluding steels).

Please contact us immediately once you need the production information or requirement or need the price.

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