foam gasket die cutting machine punch press sale in Norway

foam gasket die cutting machine punch press sale in Norway is one of Gerson die cutting equipment designed and manfuactured by our factory ,and these machinery are very welcomed by our customers.

foam gasket die cutting machine punch press sale in Norway

such as the color, the motor ,the size of working table

It is the high cutting machine for such industries as shoemaking, luggage, garment, automobile, art ware, packaging and electronic manufacturing facility etc.

The equipment is mainly suitable for diecut raw materials like leather, plastic, cloth, leather bags, toys, hats, spongy floss pieces, floor semi-finished materials, soft wood pieces and materials needed diecut out.

Application: Automatic travel head rotating arm cutting machinees (with materail auto-feeding mechanism by two clips) is suitable for continuously die-cutting large batch of regular (or same specification) non-metallic coiled raw material by the…

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If you are interested in any machinery ,please contact us immediately.we could give our recommend machinery to meet your requirement.

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