Foam filter pads die cutting machine press sale in China

Foam filter pads die cutting machine press sale in China is the good useful cutting machinery for stamping or punching the mateial to form or cut out shapes up on request .Any requirement for your production ,we could meet We can meet your requirement because of our 30 years rich experience.

Foam filter pads die cutting machine press sale in China

The special mold setting mechanism in conjunction with die mold cutter and diecut depth uses the travel adjustment simple and accurate.

The inreposition and output of materials are controllinged by the Cylinder clamping and conveyed on the synchronous belt, cut automatically. It’s safe and Convenient.

1Hydraulic system: two oil cylinders work at the same time.The fuel tank is equipped with cooling device,oil and energy storage device,oil filter device.The machine is equipped with a force display device.

The conveying parts adopts PLC control. The materials are driven by the servo motor and inreposition from one side of machinery, and after knife mold punching, output from the other side, which could make certain accurate feeding and stable to operate. The feeding device length can be adjusted conveniently through touch screen.

The heating temperature is evenly and accurately distributed across the total hot platen area.

If you have any further ifnormation or question ,please feel free to send us inquiry or contact us.

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