Floor tile die cutting machine punch press sale in China

Floor tile die cutting machine punch press sale in China is one of the custom and standard die cutting machines from our products .It is for punching the material and is very strong and enough machinery that could meet your requirement.

Floor tile die cutting machine punch press sale in China

Helping small businesses automate their production process to lower the final products cost per piece is part of our sincere missions in this manufacturing industry.

The machinerys balance is accurate, can effectively reduce the loss of the knife mold and cutting-out board; the frequency conversion buffer system applys the alignment accuracy of 0.2mm.

Our die stamping machine is also for cutting-out or cutting-out out electronics: FPC, HDI, RFPC, fiberglass, printing material, insulation, EMI material.

This equipment is suitable for the forming and cutting of leather, plastic, nylon cloth, cardboard, foam and synthetic fiber, non-hydrauliclic materials. It is especially suitable for one or more one layer or several layerss of blanking materials for many models-width semi-finished materials.

The fixed clamping device of the die is convenient and quick to replace the die tool.

Please contact us immediately once you need the production information or requirement or need the price.

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