EPE foam sheet die cutting machine press sale in Colombia

EPE foam sheet die cutting machine press sale in Colombia is the machinery that developed by Gerson and we could custom built the cutting machine or other fully making machinery for your production .We cacould custom built any die cutter machinery to give your excellent solution for production requirement.

EPE foam sheet die cutting machine press sale in Colombia

●PLC touch panel; Automatic punching, instead of labor work, quite fit for production in large batch.

The four cylinders and the precise four-column semi-automatic and fully automatic balancing mechanism make sure that the die-cutting depth precision at each stamping position is 0.2mm.

The precise diecut balancedness can greatly reduce the loss of knife mould and the nylon plate, and have a better effect on the cutting edge.

It adopts human-equipment interface and Mitsubishi PLC programmable logic control. The twin-sided rocker type semi-auto and fully auto feeding mechanism is provided with the function of fault information display so as to facilitate the maintenance of the machine. The two-sided rocker type semi-auto and fully auto feeding enhances working efficiency by 80%.

When it is pressed downwards, the punching head will automatically slow down before it is 10mm away from the cutter so that there is no dimension error between the uppermost many layers and lowermost layer when diecut materials of multiple many layerss.

This knife mold cutting-out equipment is suitable for stamping of foam materials, cardboard, anti-woven fabrics, leather products, plastic raw materials, floodiamond materials, pressing semi-finished materials, glass fiber, cork and other materials, especially for big-area various sheet flat mateials, blister genuine The male and female knife mold cutters cut the work. This machine can provide high punching precision performance and huge cutting capacity output.

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