clicker die cutting machine sale price sale in China

clicker die cutting machine sale price sale in China is the die cutting equipments which manufactured and designed by Gerson who are 30 years rich experience workers team and could recommend the right machines to you.

clicker die cutting machine sale price sale in China

Hydraulic Precision Tetrastyle plane Cutting Press

Automactic feeding device PLC control steel press equipment

The machinery is suitable for cutting-out single single layer and multilayers or multiple single layer and multilayerss of various not harden metal material such as leather, plastic, plastic packing, cloth, foam sheet boards, floor semi-finished materials and etc. by die mould knife cutter.

Fix the equipment level on the flat concrete floor, check whether the parts of the machinery are in good standard and the line is smooth and effective.

The guiding for upward and downward movement of the pressing plate is realized by the guide rails on both sides with high guiding effect, which make sures the parallelism between the upper and lower worktables.

Please contact Gerson at any time ,we will response very quickly.Any question ,welcome to ask us .

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