carpet flooring die cut machine stamping press sale in China

carpet flooring die cut machine stamping press sale in China is the die cutting machinery for stamping or punching out most soft and semi-igid material even the rigid material.if you have any question related theses machiney ,please contact us immediately and we have many years experience in this field.

carpet flooring die cut machine stamping press sale in China

Machine equipped with infrared photoelectric assurance device, equipped with safety protective isolation cover, make the operatingmore secure.

When it is pressed downwards, the diecut head will semi and full autoamtically slow down before it is 10mm away from the cutter for the purpose that there is no dimension error between uppermost one layer or several layers and lowermost single layer or many layers when stamping materials of multiple multi-layerss.

Currently, Gersons headquarter is located in China, but we also have other offices in Philippines, Korea, and China. We’ve been in this many industry for over a decade now and is continuously growing in order to serve our custom builters better and more effectively.

Man-machinery interface adjustment makes the operatingmore applyr-friendly.

High speed die tool knife cutting (stroke time: 5sec).

We have many machinery for your choice if you do not know which machinery is good for you.Contact us immediately.we will recommend the right model to you.

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