cake paper board die cutting machine China stamping press sale in China

cake paper board die cutting machine China stamping press sale in China is the die cutting machinery that you are for cutting or punching the material for your production.These machines are used in most material :plastic,leather,cloth,rubber,cork,EPE foam ,EVA foam ,PS,wood cork,alu film,composite etc.,custom built welcome to contact us .

cake paper board die cutting machine China stamping press sale in China

●PC designed, semi-auto and fully auto typesetting, save raw material;

Gerson die cutting-out machine is also for punching or cutting out for conventional industries: Processing of foam plate, oil seal, sticker, or any raw material with a back adhesive.

Configurable single or double semi-automatic and fully automatic feeding system to increase the cutting production efficiency of the whole equipment by twin to three times

When the cutting-out head presses down, it will slow down semi-auto and fully autoally before contacting the cutting-out knife for 10mm, and use power at two levels. When the upper working plate presses down to the stamping knife, it will turn to flexible stamping, so that when Cutting multi-multi-layers materials, there is no size error between the uppermost multi-layers and the lowermost single layer and multilayers.

This machinery is suitable for cutting and cutting non-metallic materials including the ticket holder parts, mobile phone cases, mini toys, decorative component, and leather bag accessories using small die tool knife cutters.

Hydraulic Auto Feeding Cutting Machines are widely adaptd in polyurethane processing to cut materials including leather, rubber, plastics, cardboard, cloth, foam, nylon, leatherette fabric, and PVC.

We can custom build to suit your production requirements.Gerson welcome your request for a machine specific to your production.Please cotact us immediately.

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