automatic feed sponge rubber die-cutter machine stamping press

automatic feed sponge rubber die-cutter machine stamping press is the machinery that developed by Gerson and we could custom built the cutting machine or other fully making machinery for your production .We cacould custom built any die cutter machinery to give your excellent solution for production requirement.

automatic feed sponge rubber die-cutter machine stamping press

When the cutting head is pressed down, it will semi and full autoamtically slow down before contacting the diecut knife 10mm, for the purpose that when diecut the multi-one layer or several layers semi-finished material, there is no dimensional error between the upper many layers and the lower multi-layers.

All the sliding joints adopt the central oil has semi-automatic and fully automatic lubrication device to reduce the wear.

can add four-column block fine-tuning mechanism, switch pressure system control, machine accuracy, could be competent for high-demand plastic products.

A most types choice of different models of GRB from the littleest 25 ton to the bigst 500 tons or more on request, Gerson beam presses are applyable to a Wide range o f performances.

Touch Screen Operation facilitates the machinery operation.

There have many machinery for your requiement,also Gerson can design and manfuactured the custom machinery based on your reques,welcome to contact us at any time.

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