Automatic blister plastic tray die cutting machine sale price sale in China

Automatic blister plastic tray die cutting machine sale price sale in China is cutting machine for food container box, tray, cup cover, PS foam dispossable lunch box, blister fruit tray, fresh tray cutting and so on. It is realy good die cutting equipment made by Gerson.and it is widely used to cutting the material in the roll or sheet in the industry like footwear,packaging , automotive trim,flooring,leather craft,shoes,bags,gaskppets,electronic,insulation, mMedical devices industry etc.

Blister plastic packing box die cutting machine sale price sale in China

The lubrication system is furnished with the fluid cooler, which should be sures the equipment to run well.

Special specification could be order (Pressure maximum of 400T), satisfperformance the needs of various custom builters

Usage and Characteristics The rocking arm stamping equipment is applicable to cutting-out of various nonmetal sheet or roll material( including leather, fabric, foam, EVA, rubber gasket, plastic etc) by cutting-out die mold. Application: it can be applyd for die-cutting gasket, shoes, gloves, balls, bags, sand…

The semi-auto and fully auto punching machinery produce already been adaptd in China. Due to the improvement of the modernization of the manufactusemicircle many industry, there may be a certain market in the near future. But in the near future, good-end cutting-out machines are not a substitute for steel stamping machines.

Structural Craftability Of Cutting Machine? Parts

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