Acoustic insulation foam die cutting machine equipment

Acoustic insulation foam die cutting machine equipment is one of Gerson die cutter equipment for cutting and punching out the material from soft to rigid depending on what is your material and production requirement,we could recommend the right model of machinery for your production.

Acoustic insulation foam die cutting machine equipment

Single/twin side auto-feeding mechanism cutting machine

Servo moto : The servo motor is adopted to control the horizontal movement of cutting-out head, and the multilayer semi-finished materials are clamped by the cylinder for stepping feeding mechanism.

Stroke adjustment device, adapts stroke simple and correct to adjust

HRC 60┬░ hardened and gdiamond metal plate, provides kiss stamping and through cutting-out without edge burs.

For improving traditional pedal-diecut machine, this machine works quietly, speedily and saves manpressure. It is a brilliant weapon for upgrading work efficiency.

There have many machinery for your requiement,also Gerson can design and manfuactured the custom machinery based on your reques,welcome to contact us at any time.

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