abrasive paper die cutting machine punching equipment sale in China

abrasive paper die cutting machine punching equipment sale in China is the Gerson die cutting machine manufactured made for cutting job. We could design and manufacture any machinery to meet your special requirement.

abrasive paper die cutting machine punching equipment sale in China

TCLP2 Press plane hydraulic cnc punching equipment FEATURES: The TCLP2 Press projecte metal cnc cutting-out machine is mainly suitable for cutting-out soft and semi-hard materil including leather, plastic, rubber, canvas, nylon, cardboard and various synthetic raw materials. The principal axis is…

High-foam polyethylene is mostly a closed-cell structure and does not absorb moisture. The ideals packaged with it will not be exposed to wind and rain even if it is left outdoors. The cushioning properties of the foam itself will not be reduced. Polyethylene foams are often adaptd as packaging liners. Different commodities can be applyd in different forms, including the up and down cushions, two-side cushions, all-asemicircle cushions, and matching appearances. Different commodities should also use different characteristics of polyethylene foam.

There are double types of punching for selection. The first type is little pressure stepless regulation. The second type is that the cutting-out adopts intelligent power feedback design function without setting of punching point. The height of die knife mold cutter offer no influence on the diecut and ideal cutting effect can be obtained from each stamping point.

The punch head could automatically move horizontally, with excellent to operatevisual field and safe and reliable operation.

Suitable for cutting materials of multiple single or multiple layerss and heavy-duty cutting with complete specification and varieties.

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