60T die-cutter machine stamping press in Sri Lanka

60T die-cutter machine stamping press in Sri Lanka is one of Gerson die cutting equipment designed and manfuactured by our factory ,and these machinery are very welcomed by our customers.

60T die-cutter machine stamping press in Sri Lanka

Multi-layer material flexibility: operation over 4 rolls of semi-finished materials dusemicircle one machining process to achieve twind growth of cutting material efficiency.

The precision of the whole device before and after and the left and right movement is as top as possible 002mm. The problem of inaccurate layetrapeziu length of multi-multi-layers material feeding device is solved.

There is no lubricating beadiamond at the main shaft and other joints and its equipped with the auto-lubricating system. As a result, with two assurance lubricating, its hardly to let machine broken becaadapt of the careless from humans lubrication work.

Firm frame and very simple to manipulate.Extreme assurance for people.

Adapt to moulds/ plates, plating, printing, cutting, moulding, die-cutting, cutting holes, engrave, change color ect by heater.

If you have any further ifnormation or question ,please feel free to send us inquiry or contact us.

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