150 ton hydraulic die cutting machine punch press in France

150 ton hydraulic die cutting machine punch press in France is manufactured by our Gerson team which have 30 years experience.we also could custom built and manufactured machinery for your production,please contact us at any time.

150 ton hydraulic die cutting machine punch press in France

Equipped with two-sided semi-auto and fully auto feeding mechanism platform, adopting frequency conversion speed control, running smoothly and without oil temperature rise;

The machinery offer an semi-automatic and fully automatic layout function, and can display the lapeoplet result on the comrepositioner;

the utilize of imported hydraulic and electrical components, to make certain that the pressure is stable, there will be no cutting or edge burrs.

The metal press die tool punching machine is suitable for stamping and cutting of non-steellic raw materials for example leather, plastic,sponge,cork,rubber, nylon cloth, cardboard, foam and synthetic fiber.

The central semi and full autoamtic lubrication system to maintain machine accuracy and improve machine durability.

Four-column and self-balance connecting rod, auto-balance structure of twin-cylinder uses sure equal force in any working area.

Do you have any question ? If yes ,please contact us immeciately ,we can make sure give you a good rely after you send us the email or inqury.

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