120T cutting machine punch press equipment in Sri Lanka

120T cutting machine punch press equipment in Sri Lanka is the stardard machinery made and designed by our rich experience team focusing on this filed many years .And can be for cutting out many material including sheets and roll and products to meet your requirement.

120T cutting machine punch press equipment in Sri Lanka

The combination of the movement of the sliding table and the working speed of the cutting-out mechanism can improve the processing efficiency.

Adopt double oil cylinder, precise two crank connecting rod mechanism, which can ensure that the cutting depth at every cutting position is same.

The distance of die-cutting head and feeding mechanism length can be accurately set, which has solved the problem of inaccurate feeding material and layehexagon length of multisingle layer and multilayers materials.

The die-cutting depth is equipped with a protective device to make sure that the conveyor belt will not be cut or cut dutrapeziu cutting, and the service life of the conveyor belt is prolonged.

The unwinding system can be designed based on customizeders requirement. Automatic feeding device flat cutting bed table supports semi-finished materials in sheet material, and jumbounwinding system supports materials in jumbo;

The servo motor is using control the lateral movement of the punch. The multi-layer semi-finished material is clamped by the cylinder to feed the servo, and the cylinder is forwarded to feed the material, which completely solves the problem of the wrap of the soft material forward. The machine semi-auto and fully autoally completes the blanking of the material, and the punch displacement distance and feed length can be accurately set.

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120T cutting machine punch press equipment in Sri Lanka
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