100 ton polypropylene die cutting machine in China

100 ton polypropylene die cutting machine in China is the most seller cutting equipments that sold by Gerson brand ,These machienry are using for cutting or forming and other using if you need it.We could build any cutting machines for you.

100 ton polypropylene die cutting machine in China

With special setting mechanism, and in conjunction with die mold cutter and cutting depth setting, the travel adjustment is simple and accurate.

This machinery is a custom built model, and the effective working area can be customized according to the material width.

applicable for the original German imported seals, durable;

When the upper beam contacts the cutting-out die mould knife, it semi-auto and fully autoally cuts slowly, so that there is no dimensional error between the uppermost many layers and the lowermost many layers of the stamping raw material.

Differential oil way is adopted to allow rapid and convenient diecut.

Can we test the our semi-finished material by operatorr machine free?Yes, please contact us to send peopler matrial.

Do you have any question ,please contact us by email or the inquiry form.we could reply you as soon as possible,normal is very quickly

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